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Best Kept Secret Lounge On The Las Vegas Strip

By The Visionary Lifestyle
Utopia After Hours Las Vegas Strip

Hidden right in the middle of The World Famous Las Vegas Strip is a place we would call our own little utopia, literally. It’s Utopia Afterhours, a really euphoric hideaway lounge tucked down a well lit alley. Two floors, 4 bars, ridiculous sound system and a sick balcony that has the best views of City Center, Cosmopolitan and a lot of the strip’s beautiful skyline. This membership driven secret exclusive lounge includes really good inexpensive drinks, artisan cocktails and an outdoor recreational area built for breathtaking vibes. One Vegas local exclaimed, “This is the perfect spot to go and chill with easy parking, cool people and the dopest vibes”. I must say I agree. “Utopia Afterhours is a Saturday night event for now but look for us to go global very soon.” States one of the promoters from K.K. Diamonds Events. What was amazing to me is that this event has only been going on for a little over a month in this location and there was a constant flow of new energies and beautiful people throughout the night and into the morning that boast the most incredible sunrise you will find in a Las Vegas Club. Follow them on Instagram @UtopiaAfterhours or visit to see if you are cool enough to be invited…. JK. you can buy memberships at the door and enjoy the festivities as long as you can find it…

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