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Organic Wild Crafted Irish Sea. Moss (Purple)

By Visionary Store





This sea moss is like the medicine of the sea. Hand selected for the pure waters of its origin in Tanzania and the pure process in which it is dried. This purple sea moss. is mineral packed.

ORIGINAL Purple – Alkaline Water, Wild Crafted Purple Sea Moss
•Natural Flavor •Supports Immune System •Healthier Lungs/Improved Breathing •Helps Psoriasis, Eczema, & Rashes •Helps w/Heart Health •Supports Hair, Skin & Nails •Increases Energy •Excellent Source of Magnesium & Iodine
•Battles Inflammation •Strengthen Connective Tissue •Post Work Recovery •Supports Collagen Growth •Digestion Support •Helps w/ Mucus •Helps Regulate Blood Pressure •Anti-Carcenogenic
•Maintain Healthy Weight •Combats Halitosis •Aids in Women’s Health •Helps w/ Constipation
•Promotes HealthyThyroid •Better Moods / Mental Health •Improves Sleep •Anti-Viral Properties For Herpes Simplex
•Improves Metabolism •Helps w/ Joint & Muscle Pain •Helps Purify The Blood •Tuberculosis Help •Improves Libido •Assists w/Allergies •Anti-Viral •Contains Vitamins A,B,C & D

Freshly picked wild caught Irish Sea Moss carefully prepared and perfectly blended to achieve the maximum benefits from the 92 minerals found in Chondrus crispus.

This product is not an approved cure or sold as an FDA approved drug to cure any disease. It is a mineral filled homeopathic naturally ocean grown Sea Algae that contains 92 minerals the human body needs to flourish including Potassium, Sulfur, Iodine, Iron, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Calcium, Silicon, Copper, Phosphorus

Our Sea Moss is soaked and cleaned with
alkaline water & lime.

**Due to the pure potency of this purple sea moss, start with low dosages while you assess your tolerance. and how your body will respond. I. recommend 1 tablespoon. per week if you are just starting out. Max 3 times in the first week and drink. plenty of water.**

*If you have a higher tolerance, I recommend starting slow with this purple sea moss in order to assess how this purple makes you feel. For us it has been amazing and purely potent. Great as an addition to your gold sea moss regimen as well*

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