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A Masterpiece Example Of Detail, Patience & Vision Fruition. Sagrada Familia-Barcelona, Spain

By The Visionary
Sagrada Familia gaudi barcelona the visionary photo

The world has many wonders and this should officially be one of them. The attention to detail and message delivery at every corner is mind blowing.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia aka Sagrada Familia

* a large unfinished Roman Catholic minor basilica in Barcelona, Catalonia Spain
* #1 Tourist attraction in Barcelona
Designed by: Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926)
On March 19, 1882 construction first began by first architect Francisco de Paula de Villar until a year later he resigned and Antoni Gaudi took over as chief architect.
Gaudi’s Architectural Style: Combination of Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau
Upon his death in 1926, he was buried under a crypt and only a quarter of the project was completed.
Solely relying on private donations, construction progress slowly, but was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War. In 1936, revolutionaries set fire to the crypt partially destroying Gaudi’s plans, drawings and plaster molds. It took 16 years to piece together.
Construction resumed in 1950’s and with new technology, construction have since enabled faster progress past midpoint in 2010. It’s anticipated the building will be complete by 2026, the centennial death of Gaudi.
Every Sundays and holidays Mass takes place in the basilica.
With a nominal fee, guided tours are available inside the building and towers.
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